Ich freue mich bekanntgeben zu können, dass Traumfänger, der Manga von Andrea Bottlinger und mir, im nächsten Band des Manga-Mixx veröffentlicht wird!

Der Manga-Mixx ist ein Sammelband mit den besten Wettbewerbsbeiträgen zum Connichi Doujinshi Wettbewerb. Band 10 erscheint wohl zur Connichi 2013. Ich bin sehr gespannt, was nun auf uns zukommt. Andrea und ich haben ja das erste Mal so zusammengearbeitet. (Von ihr stammt die Geschichte, von mir kommen die Zeichnungen.) Jetzt müssen wir wohl ein paar Dinge für die Publikation überarbeiten, aber dann dürfen wir wohl eine kurze Vorschau veröffentlichen.

Bis dahin erstmal ein paar Charakterdesigns. :)

Little Comics: Arisu in Japan

When I moved to Tokyo in 2006 I decided to draw short comics about my life in Japan and the obstacles that come with living on your own in a foreign country (and being under age again on top of that). I never got around to drawing all the ideas I had, but the ones I did sketch are still like memories I am very fond of…

And then there’s also these ones. They are a little more recent.

Copic Marker WIP

This summer an old friend of mine got married.
She was the one who helped me create the characters of VIP. (Back then we wanted to draw a webcomic, we never made it very far. By the time I drew VIP I already suspected this would pretty much be the last I’d see of them…) Well, I thought, I cannot go to that wedding without bringing them along.

It was very nostalgic to paint with copic markers! (Although most of mine are empty…) I took a few photos of the process, though I’m sure you can tell I was a little out of practice…

Ragnarok Online Fanart

A small collection of my Ragnarok Online fanart from 2004/2005.
Ah, good old times…

Study in oil

Starting a blog has a weird feeling to it… But as this is my first entry here and I promised oil paintings, here you go:

Oil studies on cardboard, all of them unfinished, of course, but we only had 2~3 hours to complete each, and I am a slow painter.
The pictures are taken with my cellphone camera, so they are a little grainy…

The next class starts in October, I can’t wait.

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