Sheith drawings

So, I watched Voltron season 6. And it made me so emotional. I loved the animation and the storytelling, both have improved so much since the first episode.

To nobody’s surprise I felt the need to draw my two favourite boys after watching the new season. I guess I’ll just use this post to collect all my random drawings of them for now.

Arisupaints at Dokomi 2018

From May 19th to 20th I’ll be in the art alley at Dokomi convention in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Come visit me for a new-ish original manga, Voltron and Yuri on Ice goodies, prints and posters! ♥ I’m really excited to be there, come say hi!

KOSMOS Experimentierkästen

If there’s anything I love it’s receiving proofs of things I have worked on.
These are two of the KOSMOS experiment boxes that I got to work on recently, one box being My first car, which includes a little picture book I illustrated, and the other one being My first experimenting kit, where I supplied a few drawings to explain experiments.
I really enjoy doing this kind of work, and it’s lovely to see the finished product come together.


Arisupaints at Leipzig book fair 2018

I’ll be at Leipzig book fair (Manga Comic Con) from March 15th till 18th!

You can find me in the art alley in Hall 1, booth number MK224! I hope to see you there!

Sheithlentines Exchange 2018

I participated in this year’s Sheithlentines exchange, a Valentine’s event in the Voltron/Sheith fandom. The request I filled in asked for the story of the team finding out about Shiro’s and Keith’s relationship, and I couldn’t help but make it silly. XD

Born to Shine – Yuri!!! on Ice fanzine preview

As you can see I’ve been taking part in quite a few zines lately. :D Here’s a preview for my entry to the Born to shine! Yuuri zine! I got in as a pinch hitter and I’m so proud I get to share my love for this soft nerd with everyone!

More Info | Preorder