Inktober 2017

This year I decided to ignore the rules and use Inktober to try out different digital pens and practice my digital inking. As usual I didn’t manage to draw a picture every day, but at least I found some settings for inking that I feel comfortable with. I think I’ll be back to traditional inking next year.

Also, I got a little excited about Shiro and Keith from Voltron recently, so, uh, bear with me here. :D


Otayuri AU zine – Yuri!!! on Ice fanzine preview

And, here’s another: My entry to the Otayuri AU zine! I got the sci-fi au, which means I got to draw our two boys in spaaaace <3

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Wedding Vows – Yuri!!! on Ice fanzine preview

Here’s a preview for another zine I was lucky enough to participate in: The YOI Wedding Vows zine! It’s a really romantic collection of artworks of our favourite skating boys getting married! :D

Preorders start on November 1st!

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Terra Incognita – Yuri!!! on Ice fanzine preview

If you like Yuri!!! on Ice, you should take a look at the Unknown Land zine, which you can preorder starting today!

I also got to participate, you can see a preview of my entry above.
The zine will be full of amazing artwork, and it comes with sticker sheets, too! I’m really excited!

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Inktober 2016

Here are my drawings for Inktober 2016!
I chose couples as my theme this year. I was supposed to draw 31 images, but as usual I never really got that far.

The drawings were created with Deleter pens, and I used a small Moleskine notebook this time. It wasn’t ideal for drawing, as the ink bled through on several pages. I’ll have to think of something new next year.

Still, it is a fun exercise. Maybe I’ll make it to 31 next year.

MangaMixx 10: Traumfänger

 Ich habe vor langer Zeit mal berichtet, dass Andrea Bottlinger und ich eine Kurzgeschichte namens Traumfänger beim Connichi Doujinshi-Wettbewerb eingeschickt haben, und dass diese im MangaMixx-Sammelband veröffentlich werden würde.

Es hat eine Weile gedauert, aber jetzt ist der MangaMixx 10 endlich erschienen, und ich durfte die gedruckte Fassung unserer Geschichte auf der letzten Connichi in den Händen halten. :D Der MangaMixx ist voller interessanter Kurzgeschichten! Ihr könnt euch eure Ausgabe in den kommenden Tagen im Animexx Webshop und in etlichen Bahnhofsbuchhandlungen sichern.

Eine Leseprobe von Traumfänger findet ihr hier!

English tl;dr: MangaMixx #10 is finally out, and you can now read Andrea Bottlinger’s and my short story Traumfänger when you purchase your own book at the Animexx web store. You can read a (German) preview here.