Remis: Preorder opened

Alright. I’m having Remis printed!

I was lucky and got a table in the artist alley at MCC (a con which is part of the Leipzig book fair) this March. I figured I might aswell sell Remis there. I only wanted to retouch a few things for print, but naturally ended up redrawing almost the entire thing.

If you cannot come to the con, you can order Remis online. Preorders start today, but since this is a fan book, they will only be open for a limited time, as I don’t plan to have a large number of books printed. (This isn’t for profit, but to share this with the fandom, after all.)

The comic has been redrawn almost entirely and also got a shiny new cover. Some examples here:

FAQ behind the cut

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2014 Summary of art

The year is coming to a close much faster than expected, which was probably to be expected. So, have this year’s summary of art! You can find the meme template here.

When I filled this in I realized that I drew a lot more X-Men fanart this year than I’d imagined… Anyway. Here’s to a great 2015.

Cherik: Early Winter

For this year’s Secret Mutant exchange (a holiday season gift exchange in the X-Men fandom) I drew a little 5 page comic.
I had a prompt for the plot, and I had too little time for this, but — here it is.

Winter has come early, and the nights are freezing cold — but Erik’s apartment building’s slumlord owner, Sebastian Shaw, flatly refuses to turn on the heat until he feels like it. Maybe Erik can finally coax his roommate Charles into sharing his bed, or curling up together on the couch under many blankets. Purely for surviving the night, of course.

Read the comic here.


Halloween & Wardrobe Memes

I took some more requests over at tumblr. For the wardrobe meme, people get to request a character and an outfit; for the Halloween meme there were several prompts to choose from. I use these things as warming-up practise, so they’re usually not very serious.

Cherik Kissing Memes

A few memes from pixiv, because kisses are hard to draw and I needed some warm-up practice…

Traumfänger 3.0

Der Manga Mixx #10 wird voraussichtlich doch noch dieses Jahr erscheinen, deswegen überarbeite ich gerade nochmal unseren Beitrag für die Publikation.

Es ist merkwürdig, zwei Jahre später nochmal so ein Projekt anzufassen. Einige Panels haben sich im Laufe der Zeit wahnsinnig verändert. Selbst wenn man sich irgendwo verbessert, gewöhnt man sich an anderer Stelle oft irgendwelche Macken an. Ich bin gespannt, wohin das noch führen wird… :D

Draw this again meme

I found this really, really old drawing on my computer. I estimate I drew this in 2001. Probably with a mouse because I didn’t have a tablet yet.

I figured this was a good time to do the improvement meme that’s so popular over at deviantart.

Other people improve like this in a year and it took me something like 13, but I guess this shows you just have to keep going? :D


Recently I discovered Emofuri, a Japanese software that helps you animate characters. It is very addictive and, sadly, incredibly buggy.

I tried it out anyway. The results are rather adorable, but since the software is such a pain to use, I don’t think i’ll be making any more for now.

If you’re interested, you can download Emofuri here. (There are lots English tutorials around for those who don’t know Japanese.)

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Colour palette meme

There is a meme going around tumblr at the moment that lets people choose a character they want you to draw, and a colour palette to work with.
I have been asked to draw lots of X-Men (which is no surprise, really).

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X-Men Big Bang

I illustrated an XMFC fanfiction for this year’s big bang!

Theme and Variations: War by ninemoons42
Erik Lehnsherr is a musical prodigy and a man destined for great things and great stages. But his life is shattered by a terrible accident that leaves him blind and trying to find his way back to his life, his music, and his place in the world.
Then he meets Charles Xavier, an agent of Section 8 of the Military Intelligence Directorate of Providence, and he finds himself listening in to clandestine radio transmissions and clicking Morse code, and these sounds are part and parcel of a war that can only take place in the shadows and the hidden places of history.

You can read the story here.

Silly X-Men drawings & memes

Just some silly X-Men sketches, drawings and memes from my tumblr that have been piling up on my computer.

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More little comics

A collection of (more or less) recent little comics. Some of them are answers to questions I received on my tumblr.

Dorian Hunter

Ich habe mich auf ein kleines Projekt eingelassen. Anbei schonmal die ersten Charakterentwürfe! Nähere Informationen gibt es auf dem Dorian-Hunter-Blog — oder morgen auch hier.

Nachtrag: April, April. Wie sich die meisten schon gedacht haben, war die Ankündigung ein Aprilscherz vom Dorian-Hunter-Blog. ;)

Sketches: Cherik OTP challenge

There is a list somewhere on the internet that prompts you with 30 situations to draw two characters in. Since I was planning to sketch more anyway, I worked through that list in February. Some of the prompts are a little weird, but that’s probably what makes the challenge worthwhile…

Here’s a selection. (More after the cut.)

30 day OTP challenge: Charles & Erik from X-Men: First Class.

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Sketches: Charles/Erik

Recently I’ve been trying to sketch one page every day. Some examples:

Alpha Girl Zeichenwettbewerb

Im Sommer hatte Inga Steinmetz einen Wettbewerb zu ihrem Manga Alpha Girl ausgeschrieben.

Die Aufgabe war, eines ihrer Bilder zu colorieren. Das hat nicht nur wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht, sondern mir auch den ersten Preis beschert, einen Alpha-Girl-Kalender fürs kommende Jahr. Der hängt jetzt neben meinem Schreibtisch, ich freue mich sehr darüber. :D

Wie man japanische E-books mit einem Kindle kauft

da_highschoolHeute möchte ich mal etwas berichten, was nicht direkt mit Comics zu tun hat, sondern mit japanischer Literatur. :)

Der digitale Buchmarkt wird inzwischen auch in Japan erschlossen. Wer gerne japanische Romane liest, sich aber immer über die hohen Portokosten geärgert hat, kann sich jetzt also mit E-Books behelfen. So richtig globalisiert ist das Ganze natürlich noch nicht, wie sicherlich jeder, der sich mal das Angebot an japanischen E-Books beim deutschen Amazon angesehen hat (da gibt es fast nur Pornographie, warum auch immer)

Es ist nicht ganz einfach, aber trotzdem möglich, aus dem Ausland an japanische E-books heranzukommen. Ich erkläre euch, wie es geht.

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Ben Whishaw fanart

Some more drawings of Q from Skyfall and Robert Frobisher from Cloud Atlas. Both are beautiful movies everyone should watch — especially the latter. Ben Whishaw is a wonderful actor. My drawings do not do him justice. (Yet.) ;)

Skyfall: Q fanart

I tried to draw Q from the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.

So I copied a picture with the grid method. But now I wonder: Since it is a copy, it doesn’t actually reflect my skill, does it? Since I am sure I couldn’t have done this without the grid, does this have any worth? (Even now it does not look exactly like the reference photo…)
Will I learn anything from this or is this more or less the same kind of cheating as as tracing? I’m really not sure…

Projekt Mangaka: Traust du dich

Die Finalisten des Projekts Mangaka sind heute bekanntgegeben worden. Da ich nicht dazugehöre (mein persönlicher Favorit, Stephan Lorse, allerdings schon — also bin ich zufrieden), habe ich meinen Beitrag jetzt online gestellt. Man kann ihn hier lesen.

Ich hätte mir sicher etwas mehr Zeit nehmen sollen, aber ich bin froh, zur letzten Runde etwas eingeschickt zu haben. Ich habe glaube ich eine Menge draus gelernt, auch wenn ich es nicht ins Finale geschafft habe. Nächstes Mal klappt es vielleicht. :D