Remis: Preorder opened

Alright. I’m having Remis printed!

I was lucky and got a table in the artist alley at MCC (a con which is part of the Leipzig book fair) this March. I figured I might aswell sell Remis there. I only wanted to retouch a few things for print, but naturally ended up redrawing almost the entire thing.

If you cannot come to the con, you can order Remis online. Preorders start today, but since this is a fan book, they will only be open for a limited time, as I don’t plan to have a large number of books printed. (This isn’t for profit, but to share this with the fandom, after all.)

The comic has been redrawn almost entirely and also got a shiny new cover. Some examples here:

FAQ behind the cut

♥ Why redraw stuff?

My style changed a lot during the months I drew this comic, and I wanted the comic to look consistent for printing. Since I generally dislike my old art, I ended up redrawing a little bit a lot more than originally planned. :D

♥ What changed?

Facial expressions, anatomy, panel layout and tones (the latter being a neccessity for printing because I was very sloppy with the screentones in the online version, ahaha).
A couple of pages look completely different; I might have tried to add a little more drama and movement to them. ;) But except for a few tiny corrections the content is the same in the online and print version.

♥ What will happen to the old drawings?

The old version will stay on my website, of course. :)

Where can I buy this?

Remis is currently up for preorder. If you come to the Leipzig book fair, you can visit my booth. More information coming up shortly.

Any more questions? Hit my ask box!