Another Palette Meme

Recently I took requests for another palette meme on tumblr; people could request characters and colours. This is what we ended up with.

Ben Whishaw fanart

Some more drawings of Q from Skyfall and Robert Frobisher from Cloud Atlas. Both are beautiful movies everyone should watch — especially the latter. Ben Whishaw is a wonderful actor. My drawings do not do him justice. (Yet.) ;)

Skyfall: Q fanart

I tried to draw Q from the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.

So I copied a picture with the grid method. But now I wonder: Since it is a copy, it doesn’t actually reflect my skill, does it? Since I am sure I couldn’t have done this without the grid, does this have any worth? (Even now it does not look exactly like the reference photo…)
Will I learn anything from this or is this more or less the same kind of cheating as as tracing? I’m really not sure…