Sheith drawings

So, I watched Voltron season 6. And it made me so emotional. I loved the animation and the storytelling, both have improved so much since the first episode.

To nobody’s surprise I felt the need to draw my two favourite boys after watching the new season. I guess I’ll just use this post to collect all my random drawings of them for now.

Inktober 2016

Here are my drawings for Inktober 2016!
I chose couples as my theme this year. I was supposed to draw 31 images, but as usual I never really got that far.

The drawings were created with Deleter pens, and I used a small Moleskine notebook this time. It wasn’t ideal for drawing, as the ink bled through on several pages. I’ll have to think of something new next year.

Still, it is a fun exercise. Maybe I’ll make it to 31 next year.

Mystique fanart

By the way, for this year’s X-Men Big Bang – a collaborative fan project – I got to illustrate a story about Raven. I’m just going to leave the pictures here.

Color Me Sanshee

SansheeYes, I know it’s kinda late for Christmas themed art… But the folks over at Sanshee did a fun Dragon Age colouring competition. I entered, even though there’s another entry I’m rooting for to win.

I love the lineart bei xfreischutz, especially Solas’ face. It was a lot of fun to colour this in! :D


This ended up becoming one of the runner-ups! Yay!

XMFC Cherik fanart collection

A small collection of all the Cherik art I did in the last few months. It’s… more than I thought.

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German Comic Con 2015 – Rückblick

germancomicconLetztes Wochenende hatte ich einen Stand auf der German Comic Con in Dortmund, der ersten großen Comic Con in Deutschland. Wie zu erwarten war das Publikum sehr durchmischt, und viele Besucher kamen wohl eher wegen der Serien und Schauspieler als wegen der Comics auf die Messe. Das Interesse an uns Indie-Zeichnern war trotzdem groß, und ich habe mich gefreut, dass die Artist Alley so gut besucht war.

Am Samstag durfte ich 15 Minuten auf einer kleinen Bühne live zeichnen. (Daher habe ich leider auch Andrea Bottlingers Lesung verpasst.) Ich war schrecklich nervös, aber Spaß hat es natürlich auch irgendwie gemacht. Wie halten es die Profis nur aus, dass ihnen ständig neugierige Leute über die Schulter schauen?

Alles in allem war die Comic Con neben der Leipziger Buchmesse mein angenehmstes Conerlebnis — vielleicht nicht von Seiten der Organisation, aber sicherlich von Seiten der Besucher. Ich hoffe sehr, dass ich nächstes Jahr wieder dort ausstellen darf.

Ein paar Auftragszeichnungen sind auf der Messe auch entstanden:


Ah, yes. Inktober, the annual challenge of drawing something with ink every day.
Last year I managed to finish one single drawing. This year I drew a couple more before I got sick and busy. Maybe I can do the entire challenge next year. :)

In the meantime, here’s some examples of this year’s drawings.

Another Palette Meme

Recently I took requests for another palette meme on tumblr; people could request characters and colours. This is what we ended up with.

Works in Progress

We’re moving soon, and I’m really busy with uni and work. So instead of painting, I just sort of fill my hard drive with unfinished paintings and sketches.

Hopefully things will calm down a little in July. I miss painting.

Cherik Postcard

Step by step for a postcard I drew for someone a while ago.
I tried out Colorex inks again for this. The colours are beautiful, but much harder to control than the watercolours I’m used to.

2014 Summary of art

The year is coming to a close much faster than expected, which was probably to be expected. So, have this year’s summary of art! You can find the meme template here.

When I filled this in I realized that I drew a lot more X-Men fanart this year than I’d imagined… Anyway. Here’s to a great 2015.

Cherik: Early Winter

For this year’s Secret Mutant exchange (a holiday season gift exchange in the X-Men fandom) I drew a little 5 page comic.
I had a prompt for the plot, and I had too little time for this, but — here it is.

Winter has come early, and the nights are freezing cold — but Erik’s apartment building’s slumlord owner, Sebastian Shaw, flatly refuses to turn on the heat until he feels like it. Maybe Erik can finally coax his roommate Charles into sharing his bed, or curling up together on the couch under many blankets. Purely for surviving the night, of course.

Read the comic here.


Halloween & Wardrobe Memes

I took some more requests over at tumblr. For the wardrobe meme, people get to request a character and an outfit; for the Halloween meme there were several prompts to choose from. I use these things as warming-up practise, so they’re usually not very serious.

Silly X-Men drawings & memes

Just some silly X-Men sketches, drawings and memes from my tumblr that have been piling up on my computer.

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Sketches: Cherik OTP challenge

There is a list somewhere on the internet that prompts you with 30 situations to draw two characters in. Since I was planning to sketch more anyway, I worked through that list in February. Some of the prompts are a little weird, but that’s probably what makes the challenge worthwhile…

Here’s a selection. (More after the cut.)

30 day OTP challenge: Charles & Erik from X-Men: First Class.

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Sketches: Charles/Erik

Recently I’ve been trying to sketch one page every day. Some examples:

Alpha Girl Zeichenwettbewerb

Im Sommer hatte Inga Steinmetz einen Wettbewerb zu ihrem Manga Alpha Girl ausgeschrieben.

Die Aufgabe war, eines ihrer Bilder zu colorieren. Das hat nicht nur wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht, sondern mir auch den ersten Preis beschert, einen Alpha-Girl-Kalender fürs kommende Jahr. Der hängt jetzt neben meinem Schreibtisch, ich freue mich sehr darüber. :D

Ben Whishaw fanart

Some more drawings of Q from Skyfall and Robert Frobisher from Cloud Atlas. Both are beautiful movies everyone should watch — especially the latter. Ben Whishaw is a wonderful actor. My drawings do not do him justice. (Yet.) ;)

Skyfall: Q fanart

I tried to draw Q from the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.

So I copied a picture with the grid method. But now I wonder: Since it is a copy, it doesn’t actually reflect my skill, does it? Since I am sure I couldn’t have done this without the grid, does this have any worth? (Even now it does not look exactly like the reference photo…)
Will I learn anything from this or is this more or less the same kind of cheating as as tracing? I’m really not sure…

Dragon Age II fanart

Some old Dragon Age II fanart. I’m such a huge fan of the series, but I never drew much because I was so busy playing. :D