Works in Progress

We’re moving soon, and I’m really busy with uni and work. So instead of painting, I just sort of fill my hard drive with unfinished paintings and sketches.

Hopefully things will calm down a little in July. I miss painting.

Halloween & Wardrobe Memes

I took some more requests over at tumblr. For the wardrobe meme, people get to request a character and an outfit; for the Halloween meme there were several prompts to choose from. I use these things as warming-up practise, so they’re usually not very serious.

Sketches: Cherik OTP challenge

There is a list somewhere on the internet that prompts you with 30 situations to draw two characters in. Since I was planning to sketch more anyway, I worked through that list in February. Some of the prompts are a little weird, but that’s probably what makes the challenge worthwhile…

Here’s a selection. (More after the cut.)

30 day OTP challenge: Charles & Erik from X-Men: First Class.

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Sketches: Charles/Erik

Recently I’ve been trying to sketch one page every day. Some examples: